Bull Gears

  • India’s largest manufacturer of tractor bull gears.
  • Installed capacity to manufacture 400,000 bull gears per annum
  • Capability to deliver both case carburized and induction hardened bull gears.


  • The company has a state-of-the-art gear unit that produces high quality transmission gears.
  • We’re working to enhance the current installed capacity of 84,000 gears per annum to 170, 000 gears annually.


  • Installed capacity to manufacture 96,000 slender shafts annually.
  • Maximum length – 1500mm

Cluster Gears and Shafts

  • Installed capacity to manufacture 150,000 cluster gears and shafts annually.

Companion Flanges

  • Installed capacity to manufacture 72,000 companion flanges annually.

Internal Gears

Milestone manufactures high quality, precision internal ring gears. At present, the company is looking forward to enhance the current production of 84,000 internal ring gears to 264,000 gears per annum.

Epicyclic Reduction Assembly

  • Installed capacity to manufacture 24,000 epicyclic reduction assembly parts annually.

Large Gears

  • The company specializes in producing large gears for heavy duty industrial machines and has an installed capacity to manufacture 6,000 gears every year
  • Maximum gear diameter - 670 mm
  • Capability to deliver Module 8.

Planetary Gears, Sun Gears & Sun Shafts

Milestone manufactures gear sets that are stronger, compacter, quieter and sturdier to withstand workload. We currently have an installed capacity to manufacture of 400,000 planetary gears and 180,000 sun gears and plate carriers annually.

Rear Axle Shafts and Stub Axles

Rear Axle Shafts and Stub Axles constitute our flagship product range.

  • The company has an installed capacity to manufacture 360,000 rear axles and 180,000 stub axles annually.
  • Maximum flange diameter - 280 mm
  • Maximum length - 1200 mm

Rock Shafts, Brake S-CAM Shafts and PTO Shafts

Milestone manufactures highly durable rock shafts and induction hardened PTO ground shafts.

  • The company has an installed capacity to manufacture 180,000 rock shafts & 240,000 PTO shafts annually.
  • Maximum shaft length - 1270 mm (being enhanced to 1500 mm)