Milestone Gears Pvt Ltd- CSR initiatives and projects

Milestone Gears Pvt. Ltd undertakes its CSR projects & initiatives through a Public Charitable trust i.e. NAI SHURUWAT which was established in the year 2011.

The company contributes to NAI SHURUWAT on regular basis which undertakes continues CSR projects in the following areas of Public Welfare.

    1. Domestic Violence

    2. Health Care

    3. Education facilities for rural & tribal communities and Women & Children ( specifically women impacted by domestic violence)

The key activities performed by the Trust (NAI SHURWAT) in fiscal year 2020-21 in these areas of public welfare and the future plan for fiscal year 2021-22 are detailed as under



About the organization:

Nai Shuruwat is registered as Public Charitable Trust, established in 2011 with the stated vision that “change happens from inside and ground up” and stated mission as to “address local problems with the help of local people and maximizing local resources”.

Nai Shuruwat works mainly in three thematic areas - (1) Domestic Violence (2) Health care and (3) Education across Madhya Pradesh and Bihar states, targeting vulnerable sections of society such as - rural and tribal communities (specifically tribal migrant workers) and women and children (specifically women impacted by domestic violence). Some of the activities overlap among these thematic because of their interconnected nature. e.g. during COVID 19 pandemic this year, the focus was more on health issues of women survivor of the domestic violence, children affected due to closure of the schools. The differential strategies are used in under the pandemic situation.

Key activities and achievement (2020-21):

The thematic area wise key activities and achievement are as follow:

(1) Domestic Violence:

To combat the domestic violence against women, Rahat Mahila Kendra (Rahat Women Resource Center) was established by Nai Shuruwat in June 2011, with the aim of supporting in providing necessary services and legal aid to the women directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence. Major activities conducted by Rahat Mahila Kendra are:

    ● Providing counselling and legal services to women survivors of violence, as and when required – independently as well as with government hospitals.

    ● Sensitize the communities and social organizations about gendered issues.

    ● Strengthen the social activities and campaigns related gender issues.

    ● Develop the leadership in the women by means of innovative approaches like – preference to women survivor as Nai Shuruwat fellow, their capacity building on issues of gender discrimination.

    ● Arrange employment opportunities for the needy victims, help them to access the benefits of scheme by providing referral (e.g. referral for shelter home) etc.

During the journey of a decade, the centre could reach out the 1991 victims of domestic violence, out of which 841 women got the benefits under economic, education and medical support services such as – shelter homes due to referral, medical check-up in the government hospitals, legal advice, opportunities for employment and education, return dowry etc. In the year 2020-21, the centre could reach out to additional 69 beneficiaries. Amid the COVID 19 pandemic situation, centre could do the follow up on the pre-existing cases to resolve maximum of them. During the pandemic, centre has provided support to needy women by providing the necessities like grocery, covid testing, and treatment facilities. The attention was given to women, jobless families and families who lost their jobs during pandemic.

Another important initiative by the centre is to establish the coordination with public hospital in Indore. The large number of medico-legal cases (MLCs) are linked to domestic violence and they get registered under hospital as public hospitals are first point of contact for the survivor to access the health facilities. But hospitals lack staff with pyscho-social sensitivity. Hence, Rahat Mahila Kendra has tapped into this niche by establishing the coordination with public hospitals as the potential of addressing numerous unregistered cases at the early stage is high. Rahat Mahila Kendra is currently acting as counselling centre with the government hospital in Indore. This is one of the leading organisations in Indore who actively collaborates and coordinates with a government hospital to provide support to women who come with incidents of violence to a public hospital.

The major achievement of the centre is that - a domestic violence victim who came to the centre for help today leads and runs the centre as a Nai Shuruwat fellow.

(2) Health Care:

Nai shuruwat regularly provides support to patients in getting access to health care services. In the COVID 19 pandemic, the support to many patient was provided by the organization in Indore and Bhopal.

Silicosis is one of the major concerns of health care for the unorganised workers for the organisation. Silicosis victims are more vulnerable to Covid – 19 as they have already very week respiratory system. This year’s focus was on awareness on Covid – 19 and coordination with the local panchayats and departments to monitoring the delivery of relief services to the needy peoples. During this year, 19 applications to the panchayat were filed to get access under pension scheme. 45 Silicosis victims of Dhar district got the economic support of Rs 5000 from Tribal Welfare Department. The awareness drive was conducted by the organization and distribution of masks was conducted in the villages of Badwani districts.

(3) Education:

Nayi Shuruwat has initiated work on education in Bihar state, by adopting the models of educational centre under “Kosi Nav Nirman Abhiyan”. The key features of these models are – supplementary teaching, participation of parents and other prominent citizens of the society, running student managed systems like library, celebration of days of national importance like independence and republic days with extra-curricular activities like speech, debate, street plays etc. Currently, three such educational centres are being run in the three villages viz. Kewatgama and Tikuliya in Kumarkhand Block of Madhepura district and Mirchai badi of Banmankhi block in Purnia district.

In twelve academic years from 2008-09 to 2019-2020, a total of 550 students have successfully passed the matriculation (class 10th) examination of Bihar Secondary Board and 112 students have cleared the Intermediate +2 (class 12) of Bihar Intermediate Board. Nai shuruwat has been involved in providing supportive education to Govt school children, mostly girls who were affected by floods in district of Madhepura in Bihar. This activity has been going on since last 10 years. In the year 2020-21, a total 35 students have cleared the examination from our centre.

A three months’ certificate vocational training program on tailoring is being implemented in Tikuliya Centre. So far, 115 adolescent girls from neighbouring villages are trained in this centre.

Due to COVID 19 pandemic situation, the above centres were closed down and presently they are still closed considering the second wave of COVID19. Despite this limitation, the opportunity has been created to provide COVID 19 relief, awareness, and essentials etc. in the project villages and neighbouring villages through the connect of these education centres. The awareness on the various accessible social schemes was provided to villagers, 2000 masks were distributed, and pamphlet were circulated in the village communities.

Future Plan (2021- 22)

For this year, Nai Shuruwat envisions to strengthen the existing activities, strategizing them amid the COVID 19 second wave.

    (a) Rahat Mahila Kendra will emphasize it’s focus on increasing incidences of domestic violence due to lockdown and pandemic. The collaboration with public health hospital will not be limited to medico-legal cases, but also will be extended to COVID19 affected families.

    (b) The health and essential services to affected women and children becomes the priority in the pandemic situation, targeting 500+ beneficiaries around the existing project locations. The support will be extended to COVID 19 patient in terms of referral, access to health facilities, vaccination etc. More awareness on occupational health hazards and vulnerability of such patient to COVID19 will be emphasized in the relief as well as advocacy work

    (c) The educational centres may not be opened, so a contingency plan to educate the students through virtual medium or capacity building of the teachers will be the major focus this year.